How it Works with JG Custom Cabinetry & Design

From free measurements for your custom cabinets to a great “after” photo of your new kitchen design, this is how we’ll work for you.

Initial Contact

Starting a remodel or building from scratch can be a confusing time. Where do you start? That’s where JG comes in. When we first make contact with a customer, we take down general information such as name, phone number, address and email and then ask the following questions:

What type of project are you looking to do?
Is this a remodel or new construction project?
When would you ideally like it to be completed?
Do you have measurements or do you need measurements taken?

From here, a time will be set up for a JG team member to take measurements on location. Once measured, a preliminary plan and estimate are drawn up.

Design & Selection

Once the customer is comfortable with the initial plan and estimate, an appointment is made for the customer to sit down one of our design team members. Together, the designer and customer will work to fine tune the drawing and estimate. Also during this meeting, the design expert will assist the customer in choosing what materials, colors and options they would like to apply to their project. JG has a wide variety of wood species and colors , countertop materials, sinks and hardware to choose from that can fit a wide range of budgets. The JG showroom, with full displays, makes visualizing the end product easy.


When all plans have been thoroughly checked and approved by the customer, the build process can begin. Once the specs for the project move to the shop the pieces are completed in approximately two weeks.  It takes about five to six weeks to finish an average sized project from planning to installation. Because all aspects of the project are custom made and of the highest quality, having an accurate and realistic completion date for the project is key. Quality takes time.

All cabinetry is made at the JG facility from scratch using only reputable Wisconsin-based suppliers.


As the construction process nears completion an installation date will be scheduled.  The skilled installers at JG make sure to handle and load each piece with care to ensure nothing is damaged during transport.  Rest assured, if we damaged it, we will fix it.

Cleanliness is also important to us.  The JG team will do everything in their power to leave a job as clean as they found it. At times, minor cutting and sanding of pieces is needed for a smooth installation. The install team makes it a priority to thoroughly clean up after each visit.

Follow Up

It is a win-win when a customer is pleased with their completed project. Satisfaction is of the utmost importance to the JG team.  Once a project has been installed and the “dust has settled” a member of the JG team will follow up with the customer. At this time, we ask the customer if they are happy with their product or have any concerns. Many times it is not until a few days later when a customer has had a chance to bond with the product do they notice something that may need fixing or adjusting.  JG’s service doesn’t end once the product is installed. JG stands behind its products and will do what is needed to rectify any issues.