Imagine Your Kitchen with Quartz Countertops.

Or, try laminate or granite countertops – we offer them all!

Cabinetry is usually the focal point of a room. Countertops, however, often act as the centerpiece. Whether a high definition laminate, solid surface, quartz or granite, friends and relatives will take note of a high quality, beautiful top.

Each of the aforementioned countertops have strong points. Some work better in high traffic areas like kitchens. Others work best in bathrooms or laundry rooms. When selected what material is right for your project, as well as your budget, the design team at JG will guide you through the process of learning about and choosing your countertop.

Being educated on each material is key in finding what one will be the best fit for each customer. Education also goes beyond the sale. The JG team will be sure you leave knowing how to properly clean and maintain whichever material you choose, ensuring it stays beautiful for years to come.

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This type of countertop is a composite in which layers of different materials are bonded together with adhesive, to give added strength, durability. Laminate is a budget-friendly product that has been improved upon dramatically in recent years.

Solid Surface

Constructed of durable, man-made acrylic to provide years of low maintenance service, solid surface countertops are available in a wide assortment of colors, patterns and finishes. Solid surface molds to any shape and is the only material that can include a seamless integrated sink.


Granite is crystalline rock that is harder than marble with large mineral grains. A truly unique countertop, No two granite slabs are the same and customers can view various slabs of granite and pick one that fits their personality best.


Considered a manufactured stone, quartz is extremely durable - rated an 8 on the Mos hardness scale (Granite is a 4). Quartz is relatively low maintenance, does not require sealing and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

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