Cabinet Hardware

Open up the possibilities with cabinet hardware, knobs and pulls.

Choosing the right hardware to enhance a space can be a challenging decision. A certain style of hardware can change the look of an entire room. JG has a team of design experts to assist you in finding just the right finishing touches. Choose from a large selection of drawer and cabinet door pulls available in 11 different finishes and a range of styles from modern to traditional.

Hardware is one of the final choices the homeowner makes when tackling a project. Similar to how a tie, belt and shoes complete an outfit, hardware is the subtle accent your cabinetry needs to look complete and polished.

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When not standing in your own space, it can be hard to visualize what your hardware will look like with your cabinetry. The JG showroom has six full kitchen and bathroom displays showing a variety of knob and pull pairings.

With so many door styles mounted with knobs and pulls, it is easy to "try before you buy." The size of your hand as well as the location of the cabinet (upper vs lower) plays a large part in choosing hardware. It should be a comfortable pull every time you use your cabinetry.

Color and finish is equally as important as the style of the knob or pull. Expert design staff at JG work with each customer to find the best combination to accent their chosen wood species, color and profile, while keeping budget top of mind.